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Electronic Engineering
Electronic Engineering is the application of Electronics. Electronics can be broadly broken down into the following areas: computer systems; communications systems and control systems. The applications in which they are used include personal computers, media communications, medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, transport, etc. Developments in these areas are only possible with a good understanding of the core subjects.

The curriculum for the first year of the Pathway Programme is modelled on the first year of the degree at Newcastle University and Northumbria University.

The courses on offer are:-
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng Honours
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng Honours
  • Electronic Engineering MEng Honours
  • Electronic Engineering BEng Honours
  • Electronic Communications MEng Honours
  • Electronic Communications BEng Honours
These M.Eng. and B.Eng. programmes have many elements in common, with Stages 1 and 2 being the same for all degrees. The first year of the Pathway Programme in Electronics consists of the following subjects that introduce the core subjects and also develop professional skills:-

  • Analogue, digital and physical electronics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Circuit theory
  • Signals and communications
  • C programming
  • Engineering mathematics
  • Professional skills
The University brochure contains the details of the subjects taught in the subsequent years of the degree at Newcastle.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and we at ECube Global College, with Newcastle University and Northumbria University aim to produce electronic engineers who can keep abreast with new developments. In choosing Electronic Engineering you are embarking upon a challenging career in which you can make a major contribution to the world in which we live.